Who uses Zoom or Microsoft Teams on a daily basis?

There's guaranteed to be almost every hand raised with that one simple question. Platforms such as these have been deeply rooted in our everyday work lives but are they necessary? I understand that video calls between teams is expected in most workplaces but what if we could combine this into an application that you're already using everyday?

Over 1400 business run on Tadabase, using applications that have been tailor-made for their organization and their needs. While your team is working in this application, why not build a module to support video calls without having to leave your organizations app?

With Tadabase, this is as easy as adding 3 tables to hold necessary data, 3 pages to display that data. In the most recent episode of Build it with Tim, we'll learn how you can do this in under 1 hour using a platform called Whereby (a user suggestion).

Check it out below 👇

Build it with Tim - How do I embed video calls in Tadabase?
In this episode, we’ll learn how to embed a video call platform inside your Tadabase application using connection fields and the custom component
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