Feature Highlight

Feature Highlight

Welcome to another feature highlight where we’ll explore some extraordinary Tadabase features including:

  • View outgoing email logs from the builder
  • Auto update geo-code during import
  • Quick-add fields when adding a new table
  • Add tables directly from the page builder

Keep reading to learn more about these features and explore all the ways each one can supercharge your app!

Email Logs

This feature is especially exciting for us to talk about because, as you know, above all else we are obsessed with your data security. And email logs provide you with yet another safeguard for your data and another auditing tool to ensure your data is always secure and in your control.

With email logs, you can monitor all outgoing email activity directly from the builder. Know what emails are being sent, by who, and when, and remain proactive in protecting your privacy and data integrity.

Email logs are conveniently accessible in the Setting tab of the builder.

For additional app security, you can custom-define which of your users have access to the email logs.

In addition to app security, emails logs can also be beneficial in terms of troubleshooting and simple convenience.

Additional email logs features include:

  • Search Emails using the search bar
  • View Raw or formatted email data
  • See status of email if it was sent or failed

Keep in mind you can also add these tables to your app to show your users the email logs as well.

For a brief video tutorial of our email setting options, check out this 1 minute video below:

Auto-Update Lat/Lon on Import

Another feature we’d like to highlight is the auto-update of geo-codes during import. When importing records, address fields will now be geo-coded using the address fields provided.

This feature is exciting in regards to the flexibility and scalability it adds when customizing and extending your app.

Quick Add fields when adding a new table

We’re always looking for ways to improve the builder and make your app building experience as quick and easy as possible. With Quick Add, you can now add fields to your new data table quickly and easily and from the same page. Whereas before you had to add a new data table and then go back into the builder to add fields, Quick Add blends these two steps in one smooth process.

While we’re always aiming to expedite the app building process, we also want to keep the builder flexible to all types of building preferences and provide multiple options to accommodate all our users. For this reason, we chose not to replace the Quick Add system as the default method for app building, but rather to provide this method as an option so users can choose to manually add fields in a separate step or utilize Quick Add to expedite the process.

Add a table directly from the page builder

One issue many users have brought to our attention is that they were attempting to begin building their apps from the Page Builder, rather than from the Data Builder, and were met with errors because they had not yet created any data tables. To address this, we’ve added the option to add a data table directly from the Page Builder.

With the ability to add a new data table from the Page Builder, users can now add tables directly from the page builder even when no tables exist in their apps yet.

We hope you enjoyed this feature highlight and are excited to put these features to the test with your apps. If you have any feedback, support questions, or new feature requests, please reach out to us by emailing support@tadabase.io or chatting with us on our site. We’re looking forward to chatting with you!

Thanks for reading and be sure to stay tuned for future updates and feature highlights to come!

Happy building!

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