Feature Update

Feature Update

Welcome to another feature update where we’ll isolate and explore some of our more recent feature releases that we know will catapult your apps’ functionality and scale.

In this update we’ll explore the following new features:

  • Show grandchild records in grandparent details page
  • Display fields from connected tables as columns within your data table
  • Open image in a pop up window
  • View visual diagram of all connections in your app
  • Huge update to record rules

Keep reading to learn more!

Show grandchild records in grandparent details page

We were extremely excited to release this feature recently, knowing the tremendous impact it will have on our users’ app connections and data connectivity.

As you build out your app and create multiple tables, you’ve likely come across the need to display fields that are related to the page you’re working on but not actually connected. For instance, say your app has 3 tables: Grandparents, Parents, and Children. This newly released feature allows you to select a grandparent’s details page and view the records of the related grandchildren, or the children connected to the parents who are connected to the grandparents.

An additional use case would be if each project has a task and each task has many notes. This update will allow you to see all the notes related to a project within that project’s details page.

Display fields from connected tables as columns within your data table

This is another feature we were eager to introduce due to the powerful flexibility it provides when building out the connections and relationships within your app. With this update, you can now see the connected fields of all related data tables in a convenient drop down menu within the left side menu bar, and you can choose whichever connected fields you’d like to add as columns within the data table you’re working on. For instance, say you have a Parents table and you’d like to add fields from the connected Grandparents table directly within the Parents table, you can now do that quickly and easily by choosing fields from the left side menu.

Another example would be if you have a Jobs table and you’d like to display details of the connected employees directly within the Jobs table. To do this, you can simply choose the employee fields you’d like to add as columns within the Jobs table, such as employees’ names, emails, phone numbers, etc., and these employee details will display within your Jobs table.

This feature significantly impacts the ease and speed with which your users can process data and data relationships on your app, providing them with all the information they need at a glance within one table instead of having to search multiple tables to collect scattered information.

Open images in a pop up window

This is a simple, yet powerful feature that enables your users to click on an image to view it within a modal window.

By enabling this feature, you can set any image as clickable so it will open up in a popup window when clicked, making image viewing significantly more convenient for you and your users. To enable this feature, simply enable image modal popup within the edit settings of any image column.

Visual diagram of connections

As you can see, this feature highlight is all about app connections.

As we release new features, our goal is to empower users to create complex relationships with their data while maintaining the simplicity, clarity, and easy interface that our builder is known for. One internal struggle we constantly face behind the scenes here at Tadabase is balancing our desire to push boundaries with innovative new features that will supercharge your apps with our commitment to keeping our builder clean, simple, and easy to use. This struggle is why we’re always pushing ourselves to develop, redevelop, and perfect our features until they’re not only immensely powerful but easy enough for even our most non-technical of users to implement. We here at Tadabase do a little happy dance when we get it right, and boy did we have ourselves a fun little dance party with this new feature.

With our new connection diagram, you can now visually process all the connections that comprise your app, easily visualizing all your data relationships in a simple tree-view diagram.

As soon as we released this feature, we noticed a huge decrease in the volume of incoming support requests. And while we love hearing from our users, we’re happy to know this new feature has added so much value and clarity to your app building experience.

App connection diagrams are easily accessible via the Support tab on the left side menu of your app and can be accessed anytime in your app building process.

Updated Records Rules

Record rules are the foundation to automation, and we recently released a massive update to our record rules functionality, significantly increasing the power and flexibility of all the automation possibilities within your app.

With record rules, you can create conditions for custom actions to occur when the conditions you set are met, effectively transforming your data into actionable triggers and automated workflows. And our newly released updates make record rules all the more powerful, taking your automation possibilities to the next level.

We’ve updated our record rules for:

  • Update this record
  • Update connected record
  • Insert new record
  • Insert connected record

Within these record rules, we’ve also enhanced the value options to include:

  • Custom Value
  • Form Value
  • Logged in User’s Field Value
  • Connected Value

We’ve also added the option to enable or disable rules and change the order of the rules being processed.

To learn more about record rules, please explore our extensive support center, starting with our support doc on form record rules.

A always, thanks for reading and sharing this journey with us. We love hearing your feedback and ideas for future feature updates and highlights, so please reach out to us via direct chat on our site or via email at support@tadabase.io.

Stay tuned for more Tadabase updates and highlights to come and happy building!

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