Feature Update

Feature Update

Hello there and welcome to another Tadabase feature update!

We recently released several new features that many of you are already excited about, but we’d like to take a beat to explore some of these features in depth and discuss how each one can maximize your apps and expedite your app building process even further.

In this feature update we’ll discuss the following newly released features:

  • Multi-select update
  • Default Collapsed Groupings
  • Using values of the logged-in user as app variables
  • Sending emails to and from the logged-in user
  • File validation
  • Updated templates page
  • Updating fields from the records tab

Keep reading to explore each feature behind the scenes with us!

Multi-select update

This feature is all about expediting your app building process in a simple way. While building out your app, you’ve likely come across many times where you’d like to update several records at the same time. With this highly requested feature release, you can now add checkboxes that’ll give you and your users the option to select several records and update all selected records at the same time.

This simple, yet highly impactful feature is a sure way to make your app building experience faster, easier, and more convenient. Check!

Choose to collapse groupings by default

In the Options tab of your data tables, we’ve added a new option for you to choose if records grouped together in your tables should default to opened or collapsed.

By choosing “on” for collapsed groupings, you can now set records grouped together to be automatically collapsed within your tables, giving you great flexibility in how you organize your data and allow your users to process related data.

Use any value from the logged-in user as an app variable

With app variables you can display certain values anywhere throughout your app. With this newly released feature, you can now display any value related to the logged-in user anywhere throughout your app as well using the HTML component.

This provides significant flexibility in the ways you can truly customize your users experience when they are logged-in to your app.

For a brief video tutorial on the basics of app variables, check out this quick video overview:

Send custom emails to and from the logged-in user

In the same vein as using any value of the logged-in user as an app variable, you can now send emails to and from the logged-in user, also supercharging the flexibility and customization possibilities of your app.

Prior to this feature, you were able to send custom emails specifically to and from users connected to the particular record. Now, custom emails can be sent regardless of record connection, and emails sent will display the name, email address, and custom message belonging to the logged-in user.

We believe this feature is a game changer in the world of database app customization and scalability and how you can truly customize the app experience for each user.

Additional File Validation Rules

We’ve recently added additional validation rules for your files. Now you can validate your file uploads with simple rules to ensure files meet your specific size and type criteria when uploaded. You can create a custom message to alert users when file uploads do or do not meet your custom-defined upload criteria.

Add and edit fields directly from the records tab of the builder

This feature update is a small release in a larger roadmap of what we plan to be truly epic streamlining in the data building process.

With this newly released feature, you can now add and edit fields directly from the records tab of the builder, without doing so in the Fields tab.

For the time being, you can continue to add and edit fields in the fields tab as well, choosing to add/edit fields in the records tab or fields tab based on your personal preference.

Our end game, however, is that we will ultimately eliminate the fields tab altogether, significantly simplifying the builder and database building process altogether. While this change to our builder will not take place during our beta period, it is currently on our post-launch roadmap as a great milestone in our master plan of ultimate streamlining and simplification of modern database building.

Some additions to note regarding adding and editing fields in the records tab:

  • Edit fields by clicking on the column heading
  • Add new fields by clicking the plus sign on the right-hand side of the table
  • Add new record by clicking on the bottom + sign.

Thanks for joining us for our latest feature update! We hope you enjoy exploring each of these features in-depth as you build out your apps and we look forward to hearing your feedback on how these updates have changed your app building experience. Please email us at support@tadabase.io with any feedback, questions, or additional feature requests- we love hearing from you!

Thanks for reading and happy building!

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