Feature Update

Feature Update

Hello and welcome to another Tadabase feature update where we’ll delve into some more of our favorite features recently released to enhance your application and app building experience.

We’re excited to explore the following features with you:

  • Auto-update changes in app
  • Disable auto-login after signup
  • Open edit links in a pop up
  • Side navigation
  • Output date field as age

Read on to explore these features in detail with us!

Auto-update changes

We’re extra excited about any feature that makes your app building process easier, quicker, and more convenient.

When making changes to the value of any record within a page, you no longer have to refresh the page to view your latest change in action. With auto-updates, all values will be automatically updated on the spot. Cheers to that!

Disable auto-login after signup

When a new user signs up to use your app, you may want to restrict this user from accessing your app pending further verification. We’ve added a new option within the Signup component that allows you to determine whether users will or will not be automatically logged-in upon sign up/creation of new accounts. By disabling auto-login after signup, you can funnel users through an additional verification process of your choosing to further enhance your app security and data privacy.

Open links in popup windows

This was a highly requested feature, and we can easily see why. When creating an edit link inside a table, you can now open the link to edit a record within a pop up window instead of being directed to another page.

By enabling edit links to pop us as modal windows, you can significantly enhance the convenience and agility of your app building process, making it an even smoother process than before.

Coming soon, you’ll be able to enjoy this pop up feature with any links within a table, such as detail links, connected page links, etc. Stay tuned for news on this exciting future update soon to come!

Side Navigation

This is a simple feature that’s all about personal preference. Now you can set your navigation menu to display vertically, if you so choose, rather than strictly horizontally.

Feel free to play around with both options to see what works best for you!

Output date field as age

When displaying date fields, we aim to provide as much flexibility and customization options as possible so you can display your dates exactly as you have in mind. With this feature, you can choose to display your date as an age rather than as a static date.

For instance, instead of outputting a date field as a static date, you can choose “Years” to display the date as “21 years old”.

We’re continuously releasing new output options for date and time fields so you can continuously personalize your app exactly as you wish. For instance, check out our support doc on displaying dates/times as countdowns, or learn more about date and time fields in general with this date/time field overview support doc.

Thanks for reading and taking the time to explore these features with us. We’re working on many more awesome features for you, so stay tuned for future feature updates and highlights coming soon!

If you have any questions or feedback on any of the features discussed here, or if you have certain features you’d like us to highlight or consider, please email us at support@tadabase.io or chat with us directly on our site.

Thanks for sharing in this wild, no-code journey with us and happy building!

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