Real Estate Management and Automation For The Modern Realtor

The real estate market moves quickly and you need a real estate management app that’ll keep up. 

Attracting buyers requires visual appeal, intuitive presentations, and the ability to make instant changes on the fly as the market rapidly shifts minute by minute.

Unlike clunky, cookie-cutter softwares and flat, limited spreadsheets, the Tadabase real estate template app supercharges your listings with dynamic and visual components, streamlined processes and automated workflows, custom reports and intelligent analytics, secure collaboration on one centralized database, and the ability to make instant changes on the go from your phone, tablet, or any device you choose.

Keep reading to learn more about better real estate management with Tadabase.

Visually track your listings through every stage of the real estate process.

Choosing from our extensive library of visual and intuitive components, you can showcase your listings in gallery view with beautifully-presented, custom color and icon coded cards that can be personalized for each listing.

Choose the kanban component to visualize your workflow and visually track your listings through every stage of the real estate process, from leads to showings and open houses to negotiations and contracts… all the way through to sale.

Use the calendar component to schedule and streamline all your events, such as showings, client meetings, closings, etc., and use the map component to enable buyers, brokers, and agents to track properties geographically with custom icons, color-coded tags, property detail popup windows, and more.

Whatever data you’re looking to present, there’s a perfect component to display your data in visual and dynamic ways that make sense.

Secure your data with custom-defined user access.

With custom-defined user access and unique login portals, buyers, brokers, and agents can each login via their respective secure portals to access only the data and workflow prompts relevant to each user based on their user roles, job capacity, logged-in status, or any other criteria you wish to define for each user’s data access.

You can limit each user’s access by pages, parts of pages, and records, controlling exactly what you want each user to see and do upon login to your app.

Buyers, brokers, and agents can each login via unique, secure login portals for defined and customized data access.

Upon login via their unique buyer portal, potential buyers can browse your showcased listings in a smooth and easy process, filtering properties geographically and by “for sale by” type, status, size, and any other custom filters you wish to enable.

Buyers can also click on each listing card for more property details, view their saved listings, inquire about properties, and instantly communicate with the associated agent or broker with a simple click of a button.

Upon login via their unique broker and agent portals, you can enable agents to view only their assigned listings and brokers to view all listing and agent details, or customize each specific user’s access according to your exact work process and needs.

With maximum data security, you can monitor every time a change is made to your app as well as every time an email is sent from your app with email audit logs.

Visualize your connections.

With all your user roles and data connections collaborating on one centralized app, we make it easy for you to track all your app connections with a visual connection diagram which illustrates all connectivity flowing throughout your app comprising your app data structure.

With the ability to visually track your app’s connections, you can easily maintain and customize your app’s connectivity, enabling you to scale your collaborations seamlessly and effortlessly as your business grows and your real estate network expands.

Turn thousands of hours of manual and repetitive work into automatic peace of mind.

Automate your real estate process and turn thousands of hours of manual and repetitive work into automatic peace of mind. Schedule automated tasks, trigger immediate custom automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions with just one click.

With our powerful automation functionality, you can trigger automated notifications, alerts, emails and texts, follow up tasks, and more to streamline your entire real estate process and never drop the ball again.

Schedule automated tasks, trigger immediate automated workflows, and create supercharged buttons that trigger a series of automated actions with just one click.

For instance, create triggers for automated emails/ texts to your client directory when a new property has been listed, when a property price has dropped, when a property has sold, etc. Or create internal-agency alerts to automatically notify agents when they have been assigned to a property, when a property has been sitting on the market for a custom-defined period of time, when contract deadlines are due, etc.

The automation possibilities are limitless with a custom Tadabase app, and all automated triggers are fully customizable, flexible, scalable, and in your control.

Customization is key.

When running your business on any software, customization is key to sustaining control and scalability of your app. If you can’t customize your software, you can’t scale it. And if you can’t scale your software, its usefulness can only take your business so far as its inflexibility and limitations begin to fail you.

Rather than investing in a real estate software you’ll soon outgrow as your business scales, and rather than customizing your business around your software to meet its limited, rigid requirements, invest in the most powerful, no-code software that is flexible to scale and can be customized around your business instead of the other way around.

Tadabase is easy, codeless customization of powerful database functionality.

Designed with powerful automation and data security functionality on an easy, drag and drop interface, Tadabase marks the next generation of modern real estate management and automation by empowering realtors to automate their entire process and dynamically manage everything they need to sell homes quickly and exceptionally without ever writing a single line of code.

Upgrading your real estate business to an automated and securely centralized Tadabase app has never been easier. Starting with the Tadabase Real Estate Software template app, simply customize the template to your exact needs, process, and branding until you’ve customized your ideal real estate database you’ve always envisioned in your mind but didn’t dream possible without spending exorbitant time and money on a traditional coded-from-scratch app.

Customize your Tadabase real estate database in minutes.

The Tadabase Real Estate Software template app provides the foundation you need to sell homes faster and better- all that’s left is for you to brand the template as your own and scale it out to your exact custom needs using our easy, no-code, DIY platform.

By clicking on the Install Template button below, you’ll be on your way to customizing a better real estate automation and management app for the modern realtor.

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