Introducing Tadabase + Zapier Integration

We’re extremely excited to announce our integration with Zapier!

Zapier is an integration platform that connects data from all your favorite apps including Tadabase, Google Sheets, Gmail, Slack, Mailchimp, and 1500+ more. 

By integrating with Zapier, you can now connect your data in Tadabase with your data in all your other favorite apps to seamlessly streamline your data, automate your workflow, eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, and take your productivity to the next level.

To learn more about our exciting integration with Zapier, check out our brief video guide below or keep reading on!

Getting Started

Getting started with integrating your Tadabase and Zapier accounts is easy. All you need is a Tadabase account, a Zapier account, and API access enabled in your Tadabase account which we’ll walk you through in just a bit.

For example: Tadabase + Google Sheets

To demonstrate how easy it is to use Zapier to connect Tadabase with other apps, let’s walk through a brief example demonstrating how to use Zapier to integrate Tadabase with Google Sheets.

Say we have a Jobs Table in Tadabase, and every time we add a new job to our jobs table we’d like the record to be saved to Google Sheets as well. 

Let’s do a brief walk through of how easy it would be to set up our hypothetical Tadabase + Google Sheets integration example.

Make a Zap!

Creating this integration between Tadabase and Google Sheets is as easy as making a zap!

First, let’s sign in to our Zapier account and click on the Make a Zap! Button.

When this happens…

Our first step in making a zap is to define the event that we would like to be triggered. This is where we’ll identify all the circumstances surrounding our event, including the app where the trigger will take place, the event that will trigger our desired action, the accounts associated with the event, and the record we’d like to customize with our triggering event.  

In our example, whenever a new job is added to our jobs table in Tadabase we want the new job record to be added in Google Sheets as well. Let’s define the circumstances surrounding our event of when a new job is created…

Choose App

Since our trigger, the creation of a new job, will occur in Tadabase let’s choose Tadabase from the list of apps.

Choose Trigger Event

Now that we’ve identified where the trigger will occur, let’s identify the event that will trigger our action, which in our example is the creation of a new job record.

Choose Account

This is where we’ll connect our Tadabase and Zapier accounts and enable API access within our Tadabase account. To allow Zapier to access our Tadabase account, we’ll need the correct API credentials which can be easily obtained with the following directions.

To enable API credentials in our Tadabase app, we’ll simply login to our Tadabase account, select Settings on the left side menu, select API Keys, click Generate New API Key, and then click Save.

Then, we’ll simply copy and paste the Application ID, Key, and Secret into the Zapier authentication window. Then we’ll click Yes, Continue.

Congrats! We have officially connected our accounts and enabled Zapier to access our Tadabase account.

Customize Record

Now that we’ve integrated our Tadabase account with Zapier, let’s select the data table we’d like to customize for our trigger. For our example, we’ll select the jobs table to monitor this table for new records.

Now that we’ve defined all the factors of our event, let’s move on to the next stage of defining the action we’d like to occur once the event is triggered.

Do this…

Now that we’ve defined the event, let’s define the action. The action is what we want to happen when the trigger occurs. When a new job is created in Tadabase, do this…

Choose App

In our example, when a new job is created in Tadabase the action we’d like to occur is for the record to also be saved in our spreadsheet in Google Sheets. So let’s select Google Sheets as the app where we’d like our action to occur.

Choose Action Event

Now let’s identify the action event we’d like to occur in Google Sheets once a new job is created, which is to create a new row in a spreadsheet with the newly created job.

Choose Account

Now let’s sign into Google Sheets to authorize Zapier to connect with our Google account.

Customize Spreadsheet Row

This is where we’ll customize the spreadsheet in which the new record will be added. Let’s identify the spreadsheet and worksheet in which the action will occur as well as lineup the values from Tadabase to the columns and sheets in our Google Sheets spreadsheet.

Once we’ve lined up all the fields in our Tadabase jobs table to match with our Google Sheets spreadsheet, let’s click Continue and then Send Test to try our new zap in action.

Test your Zap!

Click on the Turn Zap On button to test our new zap in action!

Now that our zap is turned on, let’s create a new record in Tadabase to try it out.

Success! When we add a new job to our jobs table in Tadabase, the job will now be added as a new row to our Google Sheets spreadsheet as well.

This simple example demonstrates just one of the many incredible ways we can use a Tadabase + Zapier integration to automate workflows, eliminate manual and repetitive tasks, streamline data between apps, and maximize productivity overall.

What can you achieve with a Tadabase + Zapier integration?

To integrate your Tadabase account with Zapier, click on the invite button below to enable a Tadabase + Zapier integration in minutes.

Happy building and happy zapping!

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