I'm sure by now we've all used DocuSign at least once, right? Or at least some version of digital signature collecting for contracts, quotes, or proposals.

Here at Tadabase, we're all about reducing your tech-stack and streamlining processes into 1 piece of software...your Tadabase app. For any business that requires digital signature collection, either via a live web URL or via PDF - building this system into an existing application is pretty straight forward. No tricks, just clean, professional, and dynamic documents - ready to send.

The best part about building this type of thing inside of your existing Tadabase application is using it in conjunction with other native features, such as: email notifications, record rules, scheduled tasks, etc.

In this episode of Build it with Tim, I'll cover this process from start to finish. It's totally customizable and totally no-code (although you're welcome to enhance this with just a little CSS).

Check it out below 👇

Build it with Tim - How do I build a proposal or quote generator?
In this episode, we’ll learn to build a system to generate proposals, quotes, or contracts and collect digital signatures
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